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It may surprise you to know that the most recognised brand among 18-24 year olds in the UK is Youtube. (

Youtube has more than 5 billion videos, and more added every day - at the rate of 400 hours per day. There are more than 30 million people using the site every day. It is the most visited site after Google and Facebook. 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms to live TV. Its influence is undeniable.

It's easy for a more mature audience to dismiss Youtube as the province of the young, or to think that it's only there for funny stuff, and while there is plenty to entertain, Youtube is also incredibly useful. Videos do vary in length and quality, so as with any internet information, do exercise care.


There is an incredible range of videos showing you how to do all sorts of things. Need to fix a leaking tap / plumb in a washing machine, fix your computer - it's almost certain you will find a Youtube video showing you step by step what to do. Many of these videos are created by industry experts (although anyone can post to Youtube, so exercise caution) We've often used these videos to figure out how to fix something.

I also use them when I want to know how to use a bit of software, or to do something online. Invariably, there is a good, step by step guide. Many companies use Youtube to provide customer information, and help on using their products.


Want to learn more about a topic, or develop your skills in an area? Youtube is an intensive database of information on a range of topics. All you have to do is search, and you'll find more information than you need. For teachers, there is a wealth of material, providing fun clips to explain topics, demonstrate ideas or concepts. If you only want a section of a video, you can use sites which isolate that clip such as cropper. One of the most challenging videos I've seen about the changes technology brings to education is this one Although it is now a few years old, it still highlights how education needs to change.

(Remember though that all videos on Youtube are copyright, so you may not legally copy them unless you have permission from the video owner)


Many psychologists, inspirational speakers life coaches etc post materials to help and inspire. Whatever you are working on, whatever the topic, you are likely to find something that will make you think. Just type inspiration, ideas, or even a topic, and you will find endless videos that will make you think.


Remember a sitcom you loved, or show? Very often you can find clips in Youtube, although some of them are illegal, and will be removed if Youtube spots them. There is a wealth of music videos, and the videos also lead you to other music you may like. You can create your own playlist, something I do regularly.

I love cats, and have discovered Kitten Academy allows you to watch their kittens and cats 24/7 as an adoption strategy.

There is a wealth of material to make you laugh or smile.

Don't dismiss Youtube as the province of the young - next time you go looking for information, try a Youtube search.  

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