Teaching Tools

There are so many online resources available that can be used to enhance teaching.  

Please click on the type of resource you need to go to the relevant page. 

Classroom management tools

Timers (Timer tool) Great for timing an exercise in a lesson Looking for a fun way to time a teaching activity - this site has a range of different timers which can easily be set to any time period.

Audio Visual Tools for Teaching 

Tools to help you create or use AV: These tools will help you create your own AV teaching materials (Films / clips etc) but also provide AV resources that you can use. 

Research Tools

Resources to help you find good quality information, and to organise it. 

Subject Specific Tools

Creative Writing: The Write Link provides a range of tools and information for budding writers. 

General Tools

Evernote (Electronic notebook) Works with a desktop application, a website and can be accessed from a smart phone. All accounts auto sync. You can create separate notebooks, and it is easy to search. Great for students, and teachers to take and keep your notes. 

Tiny URL: (Shortens a Web Address) URL shorteners overcome the problem for people who would otherwise have to type in a long & complex URLs (web address) from a written source. This is great to use in your class notes, or when directing students to a site.  

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