Audio Visual  Teaching Tools

Dfilm (Formerly Dvolver) (movie maker /Animated Video Clip site) - This site helps you create simple cartoons that you can use to teach, or illustrate a point or demonstrate a conversation. Easy to use, and fun.

Screencast (Screen capture software) This 'films' the screen while someone uses the computer. It's great for demonstrating how to use programs and software, and to create training tools.  


Pixabay (Free photos and images), which you can use to illustrate your teaching materials, lessons etc. Most of them are free for commercial use, but always check the terms before downloading. 

Powtoon (Animated presentations) An animated slide show presentation tool that is far more interesting and versatile than Powerpoint.

Symbaloo (Dashboard / site collection) This is a free site that allows you to create a homepage with tiles, which link to websites or documents. You can create a page with links on a theme you want your students to explore, and then direct them to the Symbaloo page with all the links.     

Voki Create an animated person which says what you want it to. Creates a speaking avatar (on screen character). Can be used to create a short video. 

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