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English Teaching

We offer English lessons for Business English; English as a second language, assignment writing; creative writing and English literature. 

Company Director, Denice Penrose is an Information Professional and Learning Technologist. She has worked extensively in library management, implementing digital solutions within educational settings. 

Denice has extensive experience as a teacher, teaching Media Skills in primary school, English in High school, theological subjects at Graduate level, and Information skills at FE / HE levels. 

Denice is a qualified EFL teacher, and uses an online classroom to teach students in China, and in the UK, through ScholarHub and TutorHouse.  

She has also worked in the private sector, in copyright, manufacturing and administration. She works on the Connected Histories of the BBC project, where part of her role is to manage the project website and social media, as well as the data underpinning the database. She is project administrator on the Tools of Knowledge project and has been appointed to work on the Full Stack Feminism project. 

She is a freelance writer, and has worked from home since 2017, and is uniquely placed to support those now learning how to make this work. 

Creative Solutions

Technically Minded is the website of Penrose Enterprises.

Penrose Enterprises is a private company committed to providing information and signposting free digital resources, through our blog and links 

If you need more specific guidance, we offer a 1:1 consultancy service in an online meeting. We can help with:

  • Checking your social media security.
  • Managing social media accounts and building followers
  • Finding digital solutions to support working from home
  • Identifying free or commercial solutions for business problems
  • Systems implementation
  • Developing training materials 
  • Private computer tutoring and coaching
  • Setting up an online profile for your small business. 

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