What would it mean if you lost your phone?


If that question gave you chills, then today's blog is for you. If losing your phone would mean losing important pictures, information or money, then today's blog looks at how you can prevent this. 

We've recently reunited someone with their lost phone. It took a bit of detective work, because there was no name, the phone was locked, but there was a client name, and a message from their work, and we were able to contact the person through their work. 

These are some steps you can take:

1) Make sure there is contact information with your phone (obviously not the number of that phone, but another contact number) so if the phone is lost, it can be returned to you. 

2) Lock your phone, preferably with your fingerprint or face, so that no one else can access your data or information. This can usually be done in the settings. 

3) Always fill in the emergency information, which can be accessed even if a phone is locked. This is important should you ever be in an accident, as it allows your family to be traced easily. Find out how here.

4) Back up your phone: Set your phone to back up and sync. It may take a bit of time to set up, but once it's done, it will automatically back up your data regularly. You can do this with Google, OneDrive, or most cloud storage facilities. Samsung have their own system. It is free to use - all you need to do is to have an account. You can read about several methods here. If you prefer 'old school' then you can back up to your computer with a cable, but make sure you do it regularly. 

5) Find my device apps and tags. If you back up to Google, Google also offers a Find my device option, that you can use. It can make your phone ring, even if on silent, but also allows you to use the GPS tracker to find it. There is even an option to erase sensitive information remotely. Alternatively, buy a tracker device, and keep it with your phone. (You can use them with keys too, or anything else you misplace often!) It beeps to help you locate it nearby, but also allows you to find it with GPS. 

A little forward planning will ensure that if you do misplace your phone, it won't be a total disaster!

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