Have yourself a virtual Christmas


If you can't meet up with loved ones this year, it's still possible to have festive fun using a range of remote tools, and video conferencing. Today's blog looks at some free options you can use. 

Online phone calls 

These allow you to see the people you are talking to, and as long as you have a Wi-fi connection, they are free to use. You may need to download a bit of software, depending on what you choose. If you have been working from home, chances are you've been using at least one of these. Sit with the Christmas tree in the background, put on a festive jumper, have your favourite snack, and join your friends and family for an online call. 

Our favourite is Zoom, but if Skype (If you use Windows, it's probably already on your computer)  and Microsoft Teams are also options to explore. If you have a Facebook account, it also includes a call option, and for mobile phones, WhatsApp is a great video communication tool. 

Virtual Christmas Cards

Got free Cards allows you to send a range of virtual cards, for all seasons. They have a good selection, and you don't need to sign up to create a card.  Other free options include SmileBox and we've often used 123Greetings, where you also don't have to sign up. These sites do include a lot of adverts - be careful not to click on them. 

If you want to switch to e-cards for all occasions, then you may want to consider signing up to a site like Jacquie Lawson (Approx £15.00 per year) or Blue Mountain cards ($19.99 per year) or 1-2-3 Cards (£1.99 per month). These sites do offer free trials, and some free cards, but they may be hard to find. Virtual cards are kinder to the environment, so it may be worth subscribing

Virtual Quizzes

If you're a Quiz lover, there are loads of free quizes online Christmas Trivia has free quizzes that you complete online. See who finishes the fastest, with the most right answers! You can also try Sporcle. If you prefer a more traditional approach, then appoint a quiz master, and use the quizzes you can find here: Pub Quiz questions or the family quizzes from Party Delights. A quick trawl of the internet will find plenty more, if you don't fancy any of these. 

Festive videos

For a bit of festive fun, why not try 'elf yourself' - all you need are photos of your friends and family, and using their site, you can create fun videos of your friends and family, singing and dancing and having fun. They are great for a laugh. 

Virtual Crackers

Virtual fridge allows you to send Christmas (and other occasion) crackers to your friends and family for free. The crackers can be customised with jokes and decorations and you can choose the style you want. 

And if you're looking for more ideas and inspiration, check out this blog.

We hope this helps you to have some 'virtual' Christmas fun. 

© 2018 Denice Penrose
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