Creating Secure Passwords


One of the most important aspects of internet safety is ensuring your passwords are secure. But long, complicated passwords are really difficult to remember. So how do you create passwords that are secure and easy to remember?

A secure password should include the following:

-Symbols (# £ ? *)

-Easy to remember

-Capital letter


-Real numbers (0 = o / 1= i)

->Eight characters

The easiest way to achieve this is to create your own password formula (or Algorithm)

Choose 2 random things :

- 3 digits from a number, such as an old postcode, part of an old phone number, an important date (don't use any current numbers) (A) eg:132

- 3 letters from a word - again, choose something random, not a pet name etc. Pick a colour. One of these letters will be a capital. (B) eg: Toy

The 3rd part of your formula will come from the website you are using - this could be the first 3 letters, last three letters etc. (C) Amazon = zon / Facebook = ook

Now, you combine the three elements:

A + B + C = password

132 + Toy + zon = 132Toyama

132 + Toy +ook = 132Toyook

This gives you a password that is not easy to guess, and that will change with every website. It is complex enough to be secure. Because two parts of it remain the same all the time, and the other part is taken from the website, you should be able to remember it easily - in fact all you have to remember is your secret algorithm, and you will know what your password is for every site.

It is good practise to change your passwords, especially if a site you use has been hacked. To update your passwords, choose a new formula, and reset all of them.

Be aware that there are forms of viruses such as Trojan horses and malware that harvest your passwords as you type, so always keep your antivirus protection up to date.

Most browsers will remember your passwords for you, and there are also sites that will store your passwords, but I would advise against using these features, especially for banking sites. Writing down your passwords is another no no but keeping a list of sites where you have a profile is an excellent idea, and a good way to keep on top of your profile on the internet.

Keep it simple, but keep it secure. 

© 2018 Denice Penrose
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