Positive Affirmations


One of the things that I've found helpful in tough times is to surround myself with great quotes and positive thoughts to focus on. I keep them up on a notice board, the inside of a cupboard door, up in my office, and I change them or add to them depending on what is happening. 

This is not at all about ignoring problems, or denying reality. Focusing constantly on our problems and worrying never helps - it usually only results in feeling low and despondent. We need to deal with problems, but not worry about them. 

A strategy that I've found useful is to set an appointment with myself to deal with a problem, and then anytime it worries me, I remind myself that I have allocated time to deal with it. Sometimes, there is little we can change in a situation, and then it's about learning to live with it. This is why one of my favourites is the Serenity Prayer - God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. 

Another quote that inspires me is this one: 

How do you find your quotes?

The memes on social media are often a good source. When next you're online, have a look at what is posted, and see what resonates with you - your reaction is the test. One of my favourites over lockdown was a meme with Kermit the frog asking 'Okay lockdown peeps, how much vodka goes in scrambled eggs?' It made me laugh, which was what I needed. 

Another simple option is to do a Google search for 'Inspirational Quotes'. If you want picture images, click on the pictures section. See what stands out for you. 

You'll see under the 'all' section there are plenty of sites that list their favourite inspirational sayings. If you're feeling low, reading through them will help. Save the ones that mean something to you:




You can also make your search more specific for you - quotes for work; tough times; feeling low etc. 

Poster websites, and T-shirt websites often have funny, quirky quotes that are ready made solutions. 

Put it where you can see it

Over the years, I've collected a number of quotes that inspire me, and whenever I find a new one, I add it to the collection. I also move them around, so I don't forget to look at them. My biology teacher always recommended putting things on the back of the toilet door, or by the mirror, so you couldn't miss them. This kind of inspiration is unique to you, so you have to work out what works for you, whether that's a noticeboard, a post-it note, a printed poster, or even getting a quote professionally printed on Snapfish or creating your own using an image from Pixabay, (this is how I created the images for this blog) try different options to see what helps you.

If you think you need more help, then the NHS runs a website 'Every Mind Matters' which has lots of info, help and tips to deal with low moods, worry and stress. 

Giving yourself something positive to focus on will help improve your mood. See if you can find at least one inspirational quote today. My research for this blog led me to the one below, which has given me a lot to think about.  

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