Passport & Visa Picture Tool


Photo booths used to be the cheap and easy way to get the photos for passports and visas. The alternative was to go to the post office, or find a photographer who could produce the necessary images. 

With smart phones and digital cameras, it's easy now to take your own pictures, but making sure they are suitable for the passport requirements is a bit more tricky. Today's tool, Persofoto, will help you to do exactly that. 

You don't need to create an account or log in, and as with most of the sites we promote, it is free to use- you can download and print your own images for free. If you want printed images, then you can order them, for a fee, and they also offer a checking service for a fee. 

Persofoto is easy to use. The process is very simple:

1) Go to the site

2) select the country for the document, 

3) Select the type of document - visa; passport etc. 

 4) Photo: You can either take a photo (with a white background) to upload, or use your camera phone or webcam to take the picture on the site. I found that this option didn't work well in Chrome, but was fine in other browsers.

5) Line your face up to match the 'mask' by using the arrows and simple in and out zoom.  Click on next.

6) Preview the image, and make sure you are happy with it. 

7) Finally, download the image, or order prints.

I've used this tool recently, and found it really  helpful, and I love that it gives free images for passports etc.

© 2018 Denice Penrose
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