Missing the outdoors? Here's how to see it virtually...


An extended and enforced indoor stay, especially where you don't have access to a garden can be very challenging. 

There are a range of 'ambiance' videos with sound that will let you see a scene on your computer / smart TV for hours on end. While it isn't the same as being outdoors, you can stream a range of videos, allowing you to see and hear the sounds you love. They can be very relaxing, and useful to help you 'escape' for a while from your home. Many people find them helpful to improve sleep. 

If you have kids, you could have fun by putting on  different one each day, and then setting the scene with these. Perhaps a day at the beach, complete with a picnic, or a woodland scene, with activities related to bird watching and nature. 

The videos usually run for several hours, and projected on your TV or on a screen, can give the impression of being there. You can buy the DVDs on Amazon, or watch for free on Youtube. 

You can search for your own sounds depending on whether you prefer the sea or the woods, or a fire. Check out some of these below:

Hopefully you'll find at least one among these that helps ease 'cabin fever'.

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