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If you have more than one social media account, keeping them up to date can be a challenge. In today's blog, I will be talking about 2 great, free tools that allow you to post to all of your social media sites, and to schedule your posts so they go out regularly.

This is great if you want to build your online profile, as it means you don't have to be constantly online to be posting often, and you don't have to go to different sites - they can all be updated from one Site.

If you simply want to share the same post on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram without physically doing the posting, then these tools can help you there too.

There are more tools out there, but the 2 I like are Hootsuite and Buffer, with Buffer being my preference.

- You can join both for free, although there are limitations in the functionality, and you would have to pay if you wanted the extra features. I use the free version of both with no trouble.

- Both work in the same way. You sign up, create a profile, and then link to the social media sites you want to use, by logging in to them. I often manage multiple twitter feeds, and Hootsuite allows this, but Buffer does not.

- If you want posts to be sent out regularly, then you need to create a posting schedule in the settings

All of the above only needs to be done once. Once the account is set up, you need to add your posts. Both give you a window to type in your post, and you can select which social media accounts it should go to. If you have a schedule set up, then create a list of posts (these are limited in the free version) all at once, and they will be posted at the times you set.

- both sites will track the responses to your posts, so you can see what is most popular, and identify the themes most likely to build your audience.

I use both Hootsuite and Buffer - I tend to use Hootsuite to manage various projects and contracts, so I can manage multiple twitter accounts. Buffer is simpler to use, and the feature I love is that you can have an add on that whenever you click on a share to twitter link, it offers you the option to share via Buffer (and therefore to your other social media accounts) or direcly to Twitter.

Which every one you choose, they are valuable tools for managing your Social media accounts, leaving you more time to do the things you love .. like lounging on the beach!


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