Making Money Online


There are a number of ways to make money online, and in this week's blog, I look at some examples. Some offer cash rewards, others offer freebies and vouchers. 

There are also a lot of scams, so be careful:

  • don't give out your bank account details. Use Paypal, and a separate bank account set up for this type of work. 
  • don't send money to anyone in order to sign up /join participate in any of these services
  • Use a different email account to your regular one
  • Don't use your real date of birth, and only give the minimum information required

Completing Surveys

There are a number of companies which offer rewards for completing surveys. These are usually for market research. I use Toluna, and although you do have to complete a lot of surveys, the rewards are real. If you want to explore others, then try this blog.

Online competitions

There are people who do really well winning competitions. I'm not one of them, but I also don't invest much time in this. However, the Money Saving Expert has some tips, and also a list of competitions going.

Freebies & Samples

I use Magic Freebies, who promise to email you lists of freebies. The site is well organised, and you can search for freebies by category. 

Working online

This is an area where there are many scams, so be careful. Work ranges from writing (more on my sister website) to testing websites and programmes, sales and transcription work. I have done transcription work, and been paid for it, but you need to be able to type really fast to make it worthwhile. 


Many companies, such as Avon etc, also provide you with an online store for selling your products. I sell Forever Living Aloe Vera products, and have my own online store for this. 

Transcription Work

This site offers a range of posts: Transcribe Me. I worked with IsoftStone, and while I didn't enjoy the work, it did pay, and I can vouch for their legitimacy.

English Teaching

I teach English online with I-tutorgroup. You need to have a degree, and either an EFL qualification, or the willingness to get one. If you want to do this, please use the site form to contact me. 

Cashback Sites

A number of sites offer cash back on items you purchase online, which includes click and collect. I belong to Quidco, but there are many others. If you use the Quidco link to sign up, you'll earn £10.00 The Money Saving Expert site has a great blog about these sites. 


The internet thrives on advertising, so if you have a blog or website, both Google and Amazon will pay you to add their adverts to your site. 

Similarly, if you are good with videos, you can post yours on Youtube, and if you get enough hits, you can sign up to be paid for the advertising that appears by your videos. 

Many sites offer vouchers and deals for sharing on social media. I like the Auction Website Tophatter, and have been very happy with what I've bought from them. I have received vouchers for sharing their site. 

There are a number of other opportunities for earning money. You can explore more in this blog.

The internet affords great opportunities to earn money, but make sure you do it safely!

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