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Laughter is a wonderful tool, it helps reduce stress and tension, and lifts your mood. In these troubled times, it's good to turn off the news, and find something to laugh about. 

Humour is subjective, so today's blog offers a range of options that will hopefully cater for all senses of humour. 

Free Online Comics & Cartoons allows you to search for a range of cartoons and comics, and to read them for free. The list includes old favourites like 'Garfield', 'Calvin and Hobbes' and 'The Wizard of id', and you can view their published cartoons right from the start. 

The Internet Archive has digitized a wide range of comic books and graphic novels to make them available to the public. The collection includes the first Superman comic. 

If you'd rather watch cartoons than read comics, then try these sites which have free cartoons to watch:

Toonjet allows you to watch classic cartoons, including LooneyTunes

Cartoonito is great for kids, and includes interactive games along with cartoons.

The Cartoon Network has free videos and activities on their site.

I'm a big fan of Simon's Cat, and his website has loads of free videos and comics. It's worth checking the homesite of your favourite cartoons, as they will probably have some free content. 

Youtube always has loads of videos including cartoons.

Of course, there are also pay sites, such as Amazon Prime which includes books, magazines, videos, and free next day delivery on many items, although current delivery periods are longer. Prime does offer a free 30 day trial. 

Or perhaps it's time to take out a Netflix account, which allows multiple profiles, so you can create a separate account for children.


Youtube is in a league all of it's own. There is something for almost every taste and a search for funny videos, or your favourite comic; cartoon, animal is almost certainly going to get you laughing. Some of our favourites are these:

Cheap Flights by Fascinating Aidia

Extreme Sheep Herding

Nandos South African Adverts - be warned though, they are clever, but not for the easily offended. 

But there are lots of blogs that list the top funniest Youtube Videos: 

Funny Websites

  • Engrish has loads of images of signs that don't quite say what is intended. You can search through a range of categories for something to make you smile.
  • The onion will appeal to those who love satire, with their takes on current events.
  • IcanhasCheezburger - if you like animals, particularly cats, then this one is for you. Funny images are posted, and people add captions. The results can be hiliarious. 

  • Comedy Central Stand up has a Youtube channel where you can watch your favourite comedians. If you have a comedian you like, do a Google or Youtube search for the - you're bound to find something of theirs online. 
  • 9Gag has loads of funny videos, Giffs and Memes.  
  • If you like Jokes, this blog lists their top 10 Joke Websites.

Social Media

There are loads of funny people to follow on Twitter:

President Supervillain@PresVillain: I take real Trump quotes and photoshop them into comics.  Or follow the unofficial white house post from the Rogue POTUS Staff @RoguePOTUSStaff  (POTUS = President of the United States)

Megan Amram@meganamram: it's this weird, sexual, anti-comedy comedy that's 'in' right now. - my mom

Elizabeth Windsor@Queen_UK  is a parody account of The Queen, which tweets comment on current events. 

someecards@someecards: Welcome to the Twitter feed of somewhat internationally acclaimed humor site,

Larry the Cat@Number10cat: Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. I'm a 13 year old tabby, in position longer than the leader of any UK political party. Unofficial. Not on Instagram.  

If StarWars is your thing, you might like this parody account for Darth Vader: Darth Vader@DarthVaderEvil Orphan Ani. Parody / Satire / Fan-Supported. Not Official & Not Affiliated with Disney, Lucasfilm, Star Wars 

If you're on Facecbook, Instagram and all the others, then a quick search should help you find lots of fun stuff. 

If in fact, you've read this far, and none of these options have appealed to you, then a quick Google search for funny videos / comics / jokes should do it. 

Laugh, and stay sane.

© 2018 Denice Penrose
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