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If you're old enough, you'll remember the days when the only way to save pictures and articles of interest was a pinboard stuck up on the wall. (At this point, I have to confess I still have one of these too!) But how do you save stuff you find interesting on the internet? Somehow setting a bookmark from the page isn't quite so effective (or pretty)

This is where Pinterest comes in. It's a social networking site that allows you to 'pin' articles and images you find online onto an electronic 'pinboard'. You can organise your boards by themes, and either make them private or public.

There is a 'plug-in' (extra bit of code that connects) Google Chrome to Pinterest, and this gives you an icon on Chrome that you can click on whenever you find a picture or site that you like.

I love entertaining, and I find the pinboards such a great way of collecting party ideas, recipes, patterns. Plus you can search other people's boards, and see what they have found. It's a way of keeping information together, and helping you find links to similar sites and pages. The picture shows some of my pinboards.

If you're looking at redecorating, and want to create a 'mood board,' or collect ideas online, then a Pinterest board is a great way to help you.

Similarly, if you are teaching on a topic, and want to keep all your resources together, you can create a pinboard, and share it with your students. Or an alternative to a boring poster presentation could be to have your students present their ideas on a Pinterest board.

As this is a social media tool, do be careful when creating your account to ensure that you don't give away to much personal information, and make sure that your personal info is protected.

As with most of the tools I recommend, Pinterest is free, and it's easy to use. Why not try creating your first online notice board today?

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