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It's easy to share website addresses electronically, but when you have something printed, like business cards, teaching notes, presentations, posters etc, then a long web address is not helpful. Today's blog looks at ways to overcome this. 

Web Address shorteners 

There are a range of free tools that will take a long web address (URL = Uniform Resource Locator) , and turn it into a much shorter one, that you can use in your notes. It's easier for someone to type in and use. Essentially, you copy and paste the long web address, and the site gives you a much shorter one that you can copy into your notes. The options below don't require a user account:

QR Code for Technically Minded
QR Code for Technically Minded

QR Codes

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a type of machine readable barcode, that can contain a range of information, from websites, to text, to images and documents. Most smartphones are able to read a QR code, and if they don't have one, they can be downloaded for free from the app stores. Use the sites to create the code, and then add it to your notes, posters, etc. 

When the code is scanned, it will either go to the website in the code, or to the information shared through it. These sites allow you to create free QR codes. 

If you do have your own website, and want a simple web address to share, then the best way is to buy a web domain. Most website hosting platforms have ways for you to do this, or you can go to a site like Go Daddy to buy one. 

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