'Alternative' jobs


There are many sites out there that offer these services, so we have focussed on ones we use, or have worked with. There are links to other blogs to offer you more choice. With most of these companies, it does not matter where you are based - you can work anywhere in the world. 

The beauty of this work is that it is increasing, and almost unlimited.

Identify your skills 

It's a good idea to start the process by identifying your transferable skills and abilities, and the type of work you can do. In a previous blog, we looked at finding a new direction, which has resources to help you with this process. 

There are many scams out there for working online, so do be careful! 

  • Create a separate bank account for your online work, 
  • Use Paypal or other secure payment sites, 
  • Don't share more than you have to. 
  • Ensure your only contact with the clients is through the site. 

Most of the options below involve becoming a freelancer, and being self employed, although you may also find long term employment this way. 

Be a 'Virtual Assistant'

Many companies are looking for help administration, websites, designers, translators, creative industries etc, all of which can be done remotely, or with only occasional travel to the location. There are a number of sites offering these services, and I would advise signing up for more than one. Most allow you to sign up for free, but they do take a percentage of your earnings.

You will need to have electronic copies of all of these:

  • A good profile photo (professional looking)
  • Your CV and work history
  • A generic cover letter
  • Examples of your work 
  • Copies of certificates etc - some sites require you upload these
  • ID - driver's license or passport

Consider signing up for these sites:

Fiverr say: 'We create opportunities for anyone in the world to build their business, brand, or dream.'

Upwork has a large range of jobs available, and is my current preferred site for searching for contract work. Their categories include: Web Mobile &Software Development, IT & Networking, Data Science and Analytics, Engineering & Architecture, Design and creative, Writing, Translation, Legal, Admin Support, Customer Service, Sales & Marketing, Accounting and Consulting. I particularly liked being able to import my Linked-In Profile, rather than completing all the forms.

People per hour - This site offers a way for freelancers to match up to clients. You can read how it works here.  Their categories include: Admin, Business Support, Creative Arts, Design, Extraordinary, Marketing & PR, Mobile, Search Marketing, Social Media, Software Development, Translation, Tutorials, Video, Photo & Audio, Web Development, Writing. I have signed up with this site, but have not as yet found any jobs through it.

This blog lists and reviews a number of other options.


If you are good at sales, then you may want to consider signing up with one of these well established brands. You can make an income selling, but they tend to offer higher returns if you recruit others to sell. 

Forever Living: this company offers a wide range of Aloe Vera based products. They offer training, promotional materials, and your own seller website. The products are excellent quality. Contact me for more information.

Avon offers a wide range of cosmetics, and is well respected. 

Younique started in 2012, and sells a wide range of cosmetic products. 

Kleeneze 'began in 1923 as a door-to-door distributor of high-quality handmade wire brushes. Since then, the brand has developed into a well-known and highly-regarded name, still concentrating on producing the products that people love, with a focus on innovative and great-value items.'

Teaching Online

One of the fastest growing jobs is teaching online. 

English Teaching - Second Language

A large number of companies offer the opportunity to teach English as a second language, and their only requirement is often a degree in any subject. Most will also require you to complete a Teaching English as a foreign language, which can be done online after you start work. 

These companies are based all over the world, which means they may not adhere to employment law in your country. Pay rates can also be very low. However, they recruit the students, and allocate classes to you. 

I've been teaching with I-Tutor group for 4 years. While there are ups and downs, they do provide the platform, teaching materials, and training. I've had a steady income from them for years, although it is a zero hours contract.

You can read more about other companies here.

Teaching other subjects: English, Maths etc

There are a number of companies that offer you the opporunity to teach online. With these, you bid for jobs, and the students can select you. In many cases, you can set your own rates. I am currently signed up with 


Scholar Hub

This blog lists a range of other companies

Cottage industries

If creative craft is your thing, consider turning it into a business. There are a range of websites which allow you to market your products:



Facebook Marketplace


In my experience, it is possible to work from home. You do have to be organised, sign up for multiple options, and be computer literate. 

If you need help with setting yourself up online, we offer 1:1 consultancy services to help you. Please contact me for more information

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